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Abigayle Ministries is currently developing its first micro-community for adult pregnant women and their children! Our community will provide tiny-homes, a community center, training facility, family garden, and child's playscape! We need your help. Please donate and support our newest project.

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Our Moms and their babies, through your generous support, can stay at Abigayle Ministries for up to 2 years.  We have been amazed at what our Moms have been able to accomplish with hard work, but some goals take longer than 2 years.  For instance, you cannot receive a 4 year college degree in 2 years, and that is a goal for a lot of our Moms.  In addition, some Moms have moved out and fallen upon hard times, and the last thing in the world we want is for one of our Moms to be homeless again.


Because of this, there is a great need for us to expand our program.


That’s why we’re working towards a partnership with the WeyHaus, the city of Clinton Township, Macomb County, and Habitat for Humanity to create a Tiny Home Community! If you’re making entry level wages at a job, the chances of a person saving enough for a down payment on a regular house is very difficult.  However, the cost of owning a tiny home is oftentimes less than half the rent they’d pay in an apartment.  To someone who was homeless, the idea of owning a two bedroom home and never being homeless again is almost priceless.  


If you’d be open to supporting this project, please click here to donate and help us build a permanent safe place for a homeless woman and her baby.   


Phase 1 is scheduled to break ground in 2020, because we have a desperate need for multiple Moms and babies right now.  We could use all the love, prayers and support we can get! 

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