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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” - Jeremiah 29:11


Abigayle’s Residential Program strives to meet the needs of women who have chosen LIFE for their babies in the face of adversity. These needs may be physical, emotional or spiritual. Our goal as caretakers of those the Lord entrusts to the ministry is to view each individual through the eyes of Christ.

Our program provides shelter for homeless mothers, eighteen years and older, during their pregnancy and postpartum care. The goal of the program is to equip and prepare each woman for independent living, parenthood and a God-focused and seeking life. A unique plan of care is designed to meet each woman’s special needs. In addition to a private room and a safe, nurturing environment, mothers in the program receive:

  • Infant care classes

  • Infant massage classes

  • Limited daytime and evening volunteer babysitting support

  • As available, pre and post-natal volunteer doula support

  • Basic life skills training

  • Cooking and nutrition education

  • Limited individualized GED/high school diploma tutoring session

  • Limited transportation assistance

  • Financial management instruction and savings plan

  • Bible studies onsite and in partnership with local churches

  • Instruction on healthy sexuality that is Biblically based

  • Referral to community resources including: mental health, supportive early childhood resources, credit counseling, tax return assistance

  • Support in acquisition of driver's license

  • Housing education

  • Adoption education

  • Human Trafficking education

  • Residents receive merits for activities to use in the ministry’s resource center to obtain baby clothing, diapers, formula and other baby needs.


Admission Requirements: 

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Currently pregnant

  • No other children in care/custody

  • Ability to obtain and maintain full time employment (during and after pregnancy)

     Prospective residential clients meet with our residential staff prior to acceptance to determine eligibility and compatibility for the program.

     For more information regarding our residential program, please call and speak to one of our residential staff at 586.323.1411.

As a resident, you'll be expected to: 

  • Maintain full time employment

  • Participate in counseling 

  • Complete daily chores and other duties as assigned 

  • Complete 60 day probationary period

  • Follow Financial Policy that requires approval for purchases

  • Adhere to curfew and time out (with prior approval) policy

  • Treat all staff, residents, volunteers, etc. with respect at all times

  • Protect confidentiality of other residents


The Vine Community (formerly known as KIT) provides services to our new moms and infants to assist them in transitioning to independent living.  This program seeks to continue mentoring former residents in their Christian walk and in maintaining progress toward goals set while in residence. The Vine Community also focuses on providing single mothers with the tools they need to make healthy relationship decisions for themselves and their child.  In addition, it  promotes a stable learning environment and teaches positive parenting skills to ensure the child will reach appropriate developmental milestones. For more information regarding the Vine Community, please call 586.323.1411.

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