Volunteers* are so important to us at Abigayle Ministries. Our staff relies on the support of individuals who wish to be the hands and feet of Jesus by volunteering throughout the ministry. Currently we have a need for the following types of volunteers:



Encourage, equip and engage women in healthy relationships with God, family, and community. We are in the process of creating a mentor program that will serve our residents while they are in our program and after they move into their own place.

Newborn Photographers

We would like professional photographers to donate their services and take photos of new babies in the house as a cherished gift to new mothers.



We are looking for drivers who can help transport the women in the house to the various places they might need to go during weekday hours. We will work with drivers to schedule a time frame that they can come to give rides to the women and support other needs the ministry might have. If there are no drives required during a particular shift, we would love for our drivers to consider babysitting during that time.

Night Nanny

In an effort to help support our new moms in getting much needed rest, we are looking for individuals who are skilled and experienced in newborn care to provide assistance during overnight hours as needed.



Doulas are trained women who provide critical support to mothers before and during childbirth, or in the case of post-partum doulas, during the first weeks and months of a baby's life.

If you, or someone you know, is trained as a doula and would consider volunteering time and services to the mothers at Abigayle Ministries, we would love to talk with you. Doulas are so important to helping our young mothers navigating this new experience.

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Help us make minor repairs and keep up with some general maintenance around the house. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are handy and available to come by on an as needed basis.

Skilled Tradespeople

We are looking for individuals who are skilled in the following areas: electrical, plumbing, and carpentry. Occasionally we have a need for professional services like these and would love to have some contacts to call!

*Volunteers complete an application and several background clearances, in addition to a recent TB test.  Volunteers who drive for the ministry provide several additional items for insurance liability purposes. Volunteer Orientation involves approximately 6-8 hours of a combination of at home and in-house training; including Spiritual Gifts and Communication assessments, personal reflection/review of assessments, and ministry policies.  The goals of the training are to orient volunteers to the Ministry, the Residential Program, how to handle common situations, and increase volunteer self-awareness in areas commonly experienced during volunteer service.